Friday Five

3 Jun

Friday Five – Five random things going on in my life right now…

#1 – Our first therapy session went pretty well. It was actually the third or fourth time we had seen this particular counselor, but the last time was probably two years ago. We scratched the surface on some issues. The plan is for J to see her individually next week, then me, then us together…lather, rinse, repeat.

#2 – I’m rethinking my decision to get into a nursing program next year. Going to school full-time, working full-time, and being a mommy full-time (not to mention trying to blog!) has taken a lot out of me lately. So I could slow down a bit and give myself an extra year…but that is an extra year away from my goal, so I don’t know yet.

#3 – J’s car is out of commission currently. Some sensor thing is broken. That car was the biggest damn mistake ever. (2008 Subaru WRX that he’s beat the shit out of, and we owe more than the damn thing is worth!)

#4 – I haven’t been to the gym in like two weeks, and before that it was sporadic as well because of my schedule. I am deprived…

#5 – We might be moving! I’ve posted about our insanely crappy living situation before. If you’ve missed those posts, we might be going from 800 sf to 1,700…and two bedrooms to four! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…we need to get some things in line financially and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to do it.

That’s it for me! What about you all? I know you’ve been up to things way more exciting than me… ☺


One Response to “Friday Five”

  1. jobo June 4, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    glad the therapy is helping. I think it’s a good idea to go together, but also separately. And I am hopeful for your move! your living sitch sounds less than desirable. XO!

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